Ivy Fraser 

Pre and Postnatal 

Consulting Services

Outline of Postpartum Consultant Services

Initial Meeting:

-briefly discuss the Postpartum Consultants’s qualifications, experience, role prenatally and postpartum, benefits of having a postpartum consultant, and costs of those services

First Informational Meeting:

-discuss nursery set up, supplies needed, preparation for baby, labor and birth preparations

Second Informational Meeting:

-discuss sleep routines, healthy sleep habits, feeding schedules, breastfeeding tips, newborn care

24-48 Hours Postpartum:

-assess first days of breastfeeding, answer questions related to postpartum care/concerns, provide support with newborn care, discuss sleep schedules, sleep habits/routines

Postpartum Visits 

(Six visits over the course of the first three months postpartum):

-assist with implementation of sleep routines/feeding schedules, discuss breastfeeding and pumping, newborn care, developmental milestones, care of mom postpartum, and any other issues/concerns/topics of interest

Phone Call, Text, Email Communication:

-provide real time responses to questions that arise, provide resources, reassurance and support as needed

Please contact me for service rates.

Services can be tailored to your family's specific needs if more visits are desired or if only specific topics are desired to be covered.

A special discounted rate applied when Doula Services and Postpartum Consultant Services are booked together.

Birth Photography available at an additional cost.